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Pat with his dog ScoutCompany President Dr. Patrick Lawless and his rescue dog Scout.

Dr. Patrick Lawless was working as a biopharmaceutical research scientist in 2007 when he witnessed Barbaro’s tragic breakdown in the Preakness Stakes. With the entire nation, he followed the courageous battle waged by this horse and his caretakers until he finally succumbed to the tragedy of laminitis. At the same time, there was a growing body of research on a compound called resveratrol that was showing promising results in studies of chronic inflammatory conditions and metabolic syndromes. Pat realized that resveratrol might be a medication that could help animals suffering from inflammatory diseases and metabolic disorders.

As a result, Equithrive was created in 2008. Initial testing of this resveratrol formulation at Churchill Downs led to veterinarians and trainers reporting significant improvement in horses suffering from chronic inflammation and joint soreness. After witnessing the benefits of resveratrol use in horses, some of the local horse trainers began administering Equithrive to their dogs. These horse trainers observed greater mobility and increased energy levels in their dogs.

After continued field testing and formulation research, the company launched resveratrol-based Petthrive soft chews for dogs in December of 2010. Veterinarians across the United States now routinely prescribe Petthrive to manage chronic inflammation in arthritic dogs and in dogs recovering from injury and surgery. Petthrive is the industry leader in gene expression therapy for companion animals, with an ongoing focus on the management of inflammation and metabolic disorders.

Pat enjoys spending time with his daughter Sage and his two-year-old Australian Shepherd/Brittany Spaniel cross, Scout, whom he rescued from a local shelter as a pup. He has many interests including photography, white water kayaking, and triathlon training (with Scout as his frequent running partner). He has a PhD from the University of Kentucky with a special emphasis in biopharmaceutical research.